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Welcome to our travel blog! After years of working as a digital nomad, we want to help you in your quest to know yourself better, with the goal of becoming a better traveling entrepreneur!

3 Destinations We Recommend for Digital Nomads



This is a place we recommend to couple to visit, it is truly a destination for love couples. This city gets visited by millions of people every year. Our experience was unforgettable, one of the prettiest cities we have ever visited. With a lot of friendly and helpful people.


Tokyo, Japan skyline at Tokyo Tower.

If we had to use one word that is best describing Tokyo it would probably be crazy. But the good kind of a crazy, this city is constantly full of people. It will be a totally new experience for you that you will never forget because this is one of the fastest moving cities in the world.



This is an extremally beautiful city that has a lot of history. The buildings and houses are so unique and pretty that you will flip out. It is a place for family trips, you can visit things like churches and cathedrals. This city offers a variety of fun activities you can do as a family together.

Words of Wisdom


There are so many things that you can learn in life, and learning how to prioritize things in life is one the greatest lessons that you can get from life. Transcendental meditation is a practice in which we strive to elevate from our physical shape and enter the spiritual. The connection to the universe and every idea that was conceived and is about to be in the future is there. All we have to do is reach out and start the journey.

yoga 2 1

Yoga in nature is best practiced in groups although it can be performed alone. It is only in nature when we are away from the noise that city brings, that we can truly achieve greatness and elevate ourselves. Next time you’re out for a hiking trip, bring some friends with you and don’t forget to pack yoga matrasses.

yoga 1

Karma yoga lets us practice detaching from both physical possessions and emotional attachments. Only once we achieve selflessness can we hope to transcend into a spiritual world and learn how to use our pineal gland once again. A special diet is included in the program of practicing karma yoga. This means giving up your lifestyle and decalcifying your pineal gland in the process.