Five Blogs I don't Want to Live Without

I spend a lot of time on the internet everyday. My job, especially in the Summer, is office-based, so I'm able to look at a ton of content as I wade through my daily business. I've pulled content for DudeCraft from every corner of the internet, but there are only a few sites that I go to in order to recharge my batteries, to get some inspiration to keep moving forward, to get asked the big questions. There are lots of sites that I love, but here are five, off the top of my head, that I absolutely don't want to live without.

This may seem like an incongruous grouping, but I don't think so. Here we've got two craft blogs, two business/inspiration blogs, and one bonkers/educational/entertainment blog. To me, it's a perfect mix for my day and I get something different from all of them.

First, I gotta give a shout out to my buddy Pip in Melbourne and her blog Meet Me at Mike's. I've mentioned her blog numerous times in other posts and I go there religiously. Our aesthetics agree for the most part and her blog is always fun to look at, but the reason I keep going back is Pip. She perfectly blends a dash of personal information with a ton of value-laden links and inspiration. She's whip smart, funny, and she cares deeply about what she does. And because she is so authentically who she is, her community cares deeply about her.

Second, I have got to shout the praises of another crafty superstar, Sister Diane and her blog Crafty Pod. I have never seen anybody who gets as much done as Diane! Amazing. Her blog is a mix of tutorials, inspiration, and of course, the fantastic Crafty Pod Podcast. I visit Diane's blog daily because you can feel how much she cares and how deeply she thinks about the art of making things. Plus, it's fun!

Now, down to business. I read Seth Godin's blog all the time because I enjoy his perspective on marketing. He's not afraid to say unpopular things to make his point and, most of the time, I agree with him. He is also mercifully brief with his writing. No windbag, he. And that's important to me being that I have a billion sites a day to look at.

My friend Greg over at the Freezer Burns blog turned me on to Gary V. and I've been a fan ever since. If you need to get unstuck from conventional thinking and you enjoy watching a hyperactive (and sometimes inspirational) man talk about business (or wine), Gary Vaynerchuk is the guy for you. Some people hate his delivery, I find him amusing. He also knows what he's talking about.

Lastly, I've got to give BoingBoing some credit here. Like your favorite long-running t.v. show, BoingBoing just keeps on keeping on and manages to stay fresh on a daily basis. The sheer variety of things that you can read about over there during the course of one 24 hour period is mind boggling. Still the smartest and most entertaining blog out there, bar none.

Everybody hangs out in the blogosphere for different reasons and there's a blog for every niche and every taste. What do you gravitate towards?


  1. Dude! I am not a dude, however, I fully believe dudes should not be afraid to call themselves crafters. In fact, I wrote a post about it:

    Anyway, I'm looking for more guy friendly crafts and will now be following for ideas!

    San Diego

  2. Sarah - Thanks for the comment. Heather - What are some blogs you don't want to live without? Thanks for the comments.

  3. Not sure I can manage a top 5, but here goes:

    Dudecraft - An excellent source of links, and thought provoking too at times.

    Woozle's Bucket - A mountain climbing Englishman living in Italy

    Jabberwocky - A mixed media crafter and friend

    There's plenty of others I visit regularly, but I I reckon I could survive without them.

  4. Nigel - Thanks for the comment and the fun links!

  5. I have to agree re: CraftyPod. I love the hodge-podge of craftyness that Diane fills her days with. It's also given me a bigger appreciate for you and your blog. I really loved your podcast with her and since then, I've been focusing at lot more on blogs like yours and Diane's versus the "selling" blogs. I'm so disappointed that Craftstylish, for example when from a tutorial mecca to basically a "here's what I made for my Etsy shop" site.

    I also can't live without:

    Lifehacker for my procrastinating yet anal side

    Geekdad: - one of the few general "parenting" blogs that doesn't make me throw up in my mouth a little

    Make Something: - my local crafty haunt. This place is my brick & mortar sanctuary when I need to get away from everything and everyone and decompress. I always learn something new. Karyn's blog is calm, beautiful and inspiring, just like her storefront.


  6. Michelle - First, thanks for the kind words. Really. I also dig LifeHacker and GeekDad! Good choices. I'll have to trip by makesomething later today and check it out. Thanks for the comment.

  7. DANG. That is the first (and maybe last) time I've ever been included with such august company. I am honored. Thank you!!

  8. DG - This being August, I thought I'd put you with the augustus people I could find.

  9. Flattered to be included man, REALLY! Thank you

  10. Are you kidding me? Gary effing Vaynerchuk just commented on my blog? I'm utterly speechless. Talking about walking the walk. Thanks Gary Vee!