Heaven of Delight

If you know anything about Jan Fabre, you know he has a penchant for using strange materials. So, what, you ask, is this ceiling made of? I bet you'll never guess. I didn't.

Turns out, it's bugs. Well, beetles to be exact. Buprestidae, or Jewel Beetles, to be exacter. 1.6 million of them. It took Fabre and his team of 30 assistants 4 months to complete the "Heaven of Delight" ceiling in the hall of mirrors at the royal palace in Brussels. Think about that the next time you get tired of hot gluing jewels on your project.

Good news is that the species of beetle is not endangered and in countries where the beetle is consumed as food, the shells are discarded as waste.

click here to read an interview with the artist. via Killer Directory


  1. That is the most ingenious thing I've seen all day.

  2. k a t y - Pretty wild, right? Thanks for the comment!

  3. I have a large necklace my sister bought for me in New York made of beetle shells. It makes a very "insect" russle noise when I move. Both my necklace and this ceiling are slightly creepy but strikingly beautiful.

  4. Laura - Sweet! Send a pic. Thanks for the comment!