There are some things that are around today that I really wish I had when I was a kid. The Miranda wall tile system is one of those things. It's like finger paint on a grand scale that you never have to clean up.

This from the site:

"Miranda is a surface tile with hairs that can be manipulated to create different shades in the surface. These shades can be used as a medium for illustration, communication or visual effect. Miranda is an adaptable wall mural measuring 3 square metres and composed of silicone wall base tiles with over 65,000 injection moulded polypropylene fibers sitting in tiny ball and socket joints on the surface of the wall."

Awesome! via Yanko Design


  1. Would enjoy this as a flooring!

  2. ooh! Then you could do "butt paintings"! Awesome!

  3. Sorry, all I see is a cat hair collector.

    (Really, it's pretty cool. Impractical, but cool.)

  4. Starfish - You'd think a guy with 4 dogs would have thought of that, but I didn't. It's like a giant pet brush, isn't it? Ha!