Book Review - Creating a Blog Audience

Finding and building an audience for your blog can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. New bloggers are usually either paralyzed by fear or tend to run around in dark rooms searching for the light switch, knocking over furniture as they go. A little guidance can go a long way in this area, and I can think of no better tour guide than Diane Gilleland.

Building on her first ebook, Making a Great Blog, Diane has now turned her attention to helping us find an audience for what we've created. Far from the usual "shock and awe" campaigns that you see being prescribed by internet marketeers (not a misspelling), Diane sets down a straightforward approach toward naturally and holistically drawing in readers and making the connections that are necessary for success in the blogosphere.

If you are allergic to the word "marketing", yet you want to build your following and be a bigger part of the community, Diane has the answer. Her step by step approach, complete with checklists and questionnaires, succeeds on several different levels. Not only will you undoubtedly gain more readers, but, using her techniques, you will build relationships with other bloggers, contribute to the community, and learn how to leverage your content in order to speak more directly to your readership.

By using a combination of internet tools and what Diane calls "engagement marketing", it's easy to get your marketing plan together quickly and to target the areas of the plan that will make the most impact (no knocking over of furniture necessary).

A few things are readily apparent as you read through this book. One, Diane cares. She wants you to be a successful blogger and to enjoy a wide and varied readership. Two, this effort is the result of hard won experience. Diane has distilled all the things she has learned into sixty-three, crisp pages of top notch information. And, finally, she "gets" how people work. So much blogging advice that I read is geared toward making money or search engine optimization, without any thought given to how people feel. Diane knows what works because she knows how people react to different techniques. She has watched people's triumphs and mistakes, has learned from it all, and has flourished in the noisy, crowded, and sometimes strange world of the crafting blog.

My only criticism is that this book didn't arrive sooner. I could have side-stepped a lot of furniture if I had known all this in the beginning.

You may purchase the book directly from Diane here.

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  1. I just purchased the e-books, and I am really looking forward to reading them. As a beginning blogger, I think these are gonna really help me out. I've come to really enjoy the blogosphere and all the podcasting out there... It's really a whole new world for me! Who knew it was so addictive?

    Thanks for letting us know about these, Paul--I find your blog chock full of fascinating and informative stuff! I'd never find these things if you didn't post them, and it's all been so inspirational. I look forward to finding my own little niche sometime soon!

  2. Relished - Thanks for the comment! You've already succeeded in step one of "engagement marketing" which is to comment on other blogs. You're well on your way to crafty superstardom. Hope you enjoy the books. I've read all of Diane's stuff and I think it's really great and helpful. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  3. I do hope there's some SEO advice in there. I've found it to be one of the best ways to build an audience.

  4. Al - Thanks for the comment. There isn't actually much SEO advice. Feel like writing a guest post? I, for one, would love to hear about your experience.