Build Your Own Noguchi Coffee Table

Ever since I visited Storm King in 2005, I've had a small obsession with all things Noguchi, and this 1944 table design is no exception. Even though you can buy a knock off for $399 right now, I am now sorely tempted to build my own, having just read this.


  1. I really want the noguchi coffee table, but the current size is too big - I live in NYC for crying out loud. I just want a scaled down version. Any suggestions? (I can't build my own. #1, I am not handy. #2, I am a girl, a girly girl).

  2. Well, if you live in NYC, there should be no shortage of furniture builders/starving artists who'd be willing to take on the job and it should be quite easy to get the glass cut. Just search "custom glass NYC" on google.

  3. Paul,
    I live in Chapel Hill and would like a scaled-down version of the Noguchi coffee table. Any suggestions for a local gal?