Call for Submissions - Solving your Craft Space

One of the main issues I have at home is space. I find it incredibly difficult to get a project done without stuffing myself in a corner and hoping I don't drop an Xacto knife on a passing dog. Luckily, I share the place where my band rehearses with a big time crafter and she is very generous with her workspace (it's the one in the videos). So, my question to you is, how have you solved your space? What ingenious storage have you come up with? What pictures, advice, and hacks can you share with the rest of us? Do tell.

email with photos and text. Best ideas will be featured on the blog.



image via daily danny


  1. Last week, I fixed the sewing machine case with odd parts from Home Depot. I was feeling extremely crafty until I sat down to repair a torn seam. I was able to thread a sewing machine in high school, but in my 40s, this is beyond me. It looked OK, but there was a serioul lack of tension... total disaster. My honey ended up doing the repair with by hand. I could use a dude-friendly video that explains sewing machine basics.

  2. Regarding space (to be on-topic), I used to have that all figured out, but lately, my garage, closets and cupboards have just gotten out-of-hand. There are unmarked storage boxes with random cruft just shoved in them. I have a hard time finding a screw driver, but I have a plan!

    I'm building a model of my house out of foam-core, with my daughter. We got glue guns, and giant sheets of foam-core for Christmas. Once I have a scale model of the house, I plan to build furniture: desks, shelves, couches, bookcases, etc. After we get the desks and shelves where we want, I can designate areas of the garage for specific storage, and hopefully fill a dumpster.