The Incredible Origami of Brian Chan

Brian Chan's mind does not work like mine. I do not wake up in the morning and say to myself: "I think I'll figure out how to make a water strider out of paper." Way too math-y for me. Thank goodness Brian does it though, because his stuff is just amazing. Here's a snippet from his bio:

"I have been an avid origami folder for many years, folding from Montroll's Origami for the Enthusiast and Animal Origami for the Enthusiast since early elementary school until mid high-school, when I became distracted by other things. It wasn't until 2004 when Robert Lang came to MIT to describe Origami Design Secrets, that I began folding seriously again, and just in time for the MIT competition. Since then I have attended OUSA Conventions and was invited to the 2006 JOAS Convention. Through these conventions, I have been lucky enough to speak with the big 'legends' of origami whose designs I had memorized as a child." link

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