Man Caves

So, every day I re-google things like men+craft, crafty+men, etc., etc. Today I went cruising through a selection of sites that featured "man caves". Places of isolation in one's house where men, presumably, do manly things. What I found was less than encouraging. I had hoped I might come upon well designed, masculine spaces with materials like wood and leather, rich colors, and an eye toward advancing our cred as capable arrangers of spaces. What I actually encountered was picture after picture of WalMart furniture, bad color choices and an astonishing amount of team-related sports swag. C'mon guys, WTF? Does the world really need another light-up Bud sign? Did you arrange this room specifically to make your wife angry? Are you honestly so defined by the team you watch, the beer you drink, and the flat screen TV you own that you feel compelled to litter a perfectly good room to make sure everybody knows it? Please, for the love of God, grow up. These are boy caves, not man caves.

A man cave is different. It should have history in it. Worn but classic furniture should populate it. It should have weight, strong shapes, a phenomenal stereo, a large but not overly large TV. If it has a bar, it should have some scale to it. Stop buying those weenie bars from Target or wherever you get them and get a real bar. Your bar is girly. Pictures of motorcycles and cars can be ok, but for God's sake, make sure they are GOOD pictures. Stop buying Giclee prints of Jeff Gordon on the internet and get some real photography or illustration on those walls. The twentieth century was rife with good design, make use of it. Incidentally, there has yet to be a good picture of a Harley Davidson or NASCAR, so those are out. Also, the only man that it is acceptable to have on your cave walls is Steve McQueen (or Margaret Thatcher if your English). If you have a beer sign, please avoid the obvious and make sure it advertises a GOOD beer. Look around. I'm sure you can find a cool vintage sign somewhere that would look better than that MGD crap you have up now. Gettin' the drift? The main point is to just make sure everything is good and represents something of quality. It's still a cave, it's not like I'm asking you to throw up posters for Carousel or My Fair Lady, I'm just askin' you to raise the bar. After all, why fart in a barcalounger when you could be farting in an Eames lounge chair? Oh, and by the way wives, your welcome.


  1. Amen brother! I'm farting in a Wassily chair right now...

  2. That's what I'M talkin' 'bout! Way to go Jon!