Modern Whiskey Chair, Plyderondack Chair

The Whiskey Barrel Chair

The Ply-derondack Chair

There's an awful lot of quality wood lying around for those who choose to look for it. It's amazing (and depressing) what finds it's way to the dumpster in this country and it's even more amazing what can be built out of this erstwhile refuse, if you have a creative streak and some spare time. The first chair, made from old whiskey barrels is an awesome example of clever reuse. Great looking and by the shape of it, probably really comfortable. The second is an Adirondack chair from my shop that I made from an oak ply bench that was being ripped out of a local High School.

If you have a cool furniture piece or have seen one made from reclaimed or recycled materials, please send it along and we'll feature it on the blog.

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