Painting Faux Bricks

Painting Faux Bricks - Scenic Art from Paul Overton on Vimeo.
While not technically a DudeCraftTV episode, this is another instructional video I recently shot. It's a "practice run" for a series on scenic art techniques for middle school and high school theater teachers. The whole thing was shot on a Flip video camera, so excuse the lower quality. Oh, and it's 20 minutes long, so you have to really want to learn how to paint bricks!


  1. Thankyou so much for this. I had been trying to learn about scenic art for a while, but couldn't find much in the way of tutorials online at all! I had been considering using theatre set techniques to create temporary decor flats for my flat! (Or apartment, but I couldn't resist the British pun.) I'd created it all in SketchUp, but then got stumped on materials and construction methods. I look forward to more from your series!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I'm glad I could help! Let me know how your project goes and please send pictures.