Bike Fix

As Spring approaches, and the need for a heated car fades, my mind turns a more perfect form of transport. Perhaps the most elegant machine ever created, the bicycle. Beautiful, quiet, and liberating, it's the only machine I know that can make you feel like a seven year old again, just by getting on it. Last year I took my first step into the realm of fixed-gear bicycling, and I fell in love with my two-wheeled friend all over again. Mechanically the simplest of all bikes, the fixed gear gives you something to steer with, something to pedal with and, in some cases, something to stop with, and that's about it. In looking for inspiration and ideas prior to and during the build of the bike you see above, I spent a lot of time on Fixed Gear Gallery, a site that features tons of reader submitted pictures and parts lists. Yes, it's bike porn. Really good bike porn. The site features everything from the cheapest rat bikes to machines costing thousands of dollars. So, if the thought of building your own bike has crossed your mind, check 'em out. You'll find plenty of inspiration and information over there. link

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