Crafty Words Banned on DudeCraft

After using StumbleUpon to look for fresh content tonight, I have failed to find anything of real interest, but have succeeded in formulating a list of words and phrases that are hereby banned from ever being used on, or in conjunction with DudeCraft. They are as follows:

Cute, Super Cute, Cuterrific, Leg Warmer, Cozy, OMG (as in: "OMG, that is soooo cute!"), Darling, Gorgeous, Petite, Herbal Tea, Jasmine Scented, Soap Making Madness, Candle Expert, Tampon Holder, Hair Clips, Cami, Panties (unless used in this context: "I made my girlfriend one of the crafts on your site and she got so excited that she threw her panties at me like I was a rock star!"), Clever, Stampy, Funky, Shabby Chic, Fab, Ultra Fab, and anything preceded by the word "punk" that is followed by something that is not even remotely punk.

More words to follow, I'm sure. Please add your own!


  1. You are totes tough, dudecraft.
    and you're super-cute.
    So there.

  2. Kawaii!!!!!

    Thought you might want to avoid that one too.