The Daxophone

German inventor and typeface designer Hans Reichel has invented one crazy looking instrument. Before I listened to the mp3 on the page, I must have stared at the strange and beautiful "tongues" for a good five minutes. Gorgeous. Then I heard it. It's great! One commentator likened it to "the sound of munchkins singing and farting at the same time." I can see that. This from the website:

"The Daxophone consists of a thin, finely formed wooden stick secured to a heavier mounting at one end, and free to vibrate at the other. It can be sounded by plucking or bowing. A separate piece, not shown in this photo, is a specially shaped chunk of wood with two slightly curved surfaces, which can be held against the light stick as it vibrates in such a way as to alter and control the pitch and tone quality. A contact mic embedded in the mounting piece allows for amplification. The sounds that issue forth from this thing are totally unexpected: wildly comical and sometimes oddly beautiful."


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  1. Doesn't tell me how to make it. I can look anywhere to find out about it. Need to know how to make it.