DudeCraft Gets a Valentine

While it's been a great week for DudeCraft (mentioned on Martha Stewart radio, featured twice on the Craftzine blog, etc.), it has been a really stressful week at my "real" job. So it was extra nice to find this letter waiting in the DudeCraft inbox when I got home:

Subject: Can I be an honorary craft dude?

Dear Dudecraft,

While not a dude by the proper definition, I am a crafty gal who considers her sewing machine a power tool, likes to see form inspired by function, and finds herself frequently frustrated by the ironic-cozies-and-oppressive-cuteness dominated craft scene (it's a family tradition, I think--my mom taught me to build bookshelves and gave me my first dremel). Dudecraft has become my favorite DIY website and a welcome refuge from ruffles and kitschy seasonal decor; even if I'm not your target audience, you remain by far the closest match I've found to my own crafty M.O.

Thank you so much!

No, thank you, Rachel! You really made a dude's day.


  1. Oooooh lovers!

    You are great Paul. I love your blog and wish I was a guy too. Then I could say Super-Krunk instead of Super-Cute. Or something like that. Well. You totes know what I mean.

    Go you!

  2. MMaM,

    Thanks for the comment. You are totes super-crunk in my book.