Introducing Jon Davies - Guest Blogger

When I started this site, I almost immediately had fantasies about inviting cool people to guest blog on DudeCraft. You know, like all the big blogs do. So, as you do at times like these, I made a list. I tried to think of folks who had a unique perspective on dudeness, but who could also bring something to the table that I could not. Right away, I thought of my friend Jon, who I've known since we were in high school. Jon has always been, and continues to be, one of the coolest people around. He's also a dad, which I am not. While I have done crafts with kids and enjoyed it immensely, it's entirely different when the kids are your own. Enter Jon and his new feature: DadCraft. I'm sure you'll enjoy his posts and I hope this is the start of a long bloglationship. Jon, take it away...


  1. yay for crafts for dudes. while i am admittedly female, i've often thoughts there should be more guys in the area- guy things can be way cooler sometimes. thanks for linking me!

  2. Great blog... I love your concept!