I love finding new blogs that are in the DudeCraft vein. It's harder than you think. So, imagine my delight when I ran across Franklin's blog, Panopticon, while sifting through the endless soap making and scrapbooking links that StumbleUpon loves to send me to. (side note: the world has enough soap. you can stop now. please.) The post that I was directed to was about an interactive installation in Chicago called Redress. This from Franklin:

"A rail of thrift-shop sweaters is suspended from the ceiling; more are piled in one corner. Even more have been unraveled, and the reclaimed yarn is spooled around eight wheel rims (from wrecked bicycles) mounted on a wooden platform (salvaged from a warehouse). The yarn winds off the rims (as though from a swift), swoops across the room via a series of hooks, and hangs down above eight seats (more salvaged wood) where it is being turned into eight swatches."

Makes you wish you were in Chicago, don't it?

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  1. Beautiful art!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the shadows that the sweaters create.