Tutorial - T-Shirt Scarf for Spring

Here in the Dirty South, we've been having some unseasonably warm weather, but the nights are still pretty cool. It's that in-between time when you want a scarf, but not a heavy one. So, after being just slightly too cold on my dog walk this morning, I decided to make myself a medium weight scarf out of some old graphic tees I had laying around. The result turned out to be the perfect weight and I dig the way it looks. Luckily, I photographed the whole process and turned it into a tutorial so you can make one too. Let me know how it turns out and send pics! Full tutorial HERE.


  1. You know it's a good thing when somebody like me that actually hates crafting looks at an idea like this one and thinks "I'd like one of those. Maybe I can steal it from Paul when he's not looking." I haven't been to the space in days. SOOOO SICKKK!

  2. Glad you like it, C. Man, sounds like you feel terrible. Get better quick!

  3. this would make a great gift for my brother, he has a ton of graphic tees

  4. hey dudecraft- speaking of graphic tees, would you know how to go about printing your own designs on shirts? my bro would love to do this and has some wicked drawings.

  5. Jannypie,

    There are several ways to get things transferred onto fabric.

    1. You could spray paint through a stencil.
    2. You could use traditional silk screening methods or buy this cool new machine:
    3. You could get inkjet iron-on transfers.
    4. you could send your design to a website like zazzle or cafe press and have them put it on any number of products.