Crafty Pay It Forward #1 - Kate to Joli

If you've just joined us, perhaps you aren't hip to the craft exchange that's been going on around here for the past couple of weeks. Twenty (had originally planned for 50, but 20 was tough enough to manage, so I cut it off there.) people all around the globe have been making things for each other and none of them have ever met or spoken, or even tweeted at each other. You can read the original post with the rules here.

Our first project traveled all the way from Kate, who lives in Longmeadow, MA to Joli who lives in the Netherlands.(see pics below) As you can see, Kate put a tremendous amount of love and care into the project. You can read about the whole process on her blog, Life with Teddy. Joli's list of three most loved things was:

-Little things that you almost don't notice. Daily things.. I enjoy them.
(for example: drinking a really good coffee, cooking or the feeling of a soft fabric and weird paper, )
-The movie: Le fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain
-exploring the process of how things become things... like how coffee becomes coffee, from the beginning in the ground till the end.

Joli says that although they don't use the word "koozie" in the Netherlands, she is happy nonetheless that her coffee stays a little warmer. Cheers, Kate! Great job!


  1. Thanks Paul! This was LOTS of fun. I'm so glad you did it... and I'm delighted that Joli is putting her koozie to good use. :)

  2. Kate - The fun is all mine! Watching all these great projects hit my inbox is incredibly cool. Thanks for the comment, and the project.


  3. yippy! the first project! i am so excited to see all the others!