Crafty Pay it Forward #2 - Jessica to Jeanne

Oh my! This one made me jealous! It's a damned light-up-steampunk-bird-skull, people! I mean, really. That is freakin' awesome. Jeanne, you are one lucky makee! This from Jeanne's Blog, Aesthetic Dialectic:

Today I got my Craft it Forward present in the mail! Jessica from Hawaii made me the coolest little lamp out of a bird skull! It was her second electronics project ever. If you remember, Craft it Forward is a crafty secret Santa project created by Paul at Dudecraft. All that Jessica knew about me was that I’m an artist and a new MFA, on the east coast but from the west coast, and that I love anatomy, cats, and the color purple. The lamp that she made for me is so cool and teeny! I have no idea how she got the LED in there.

Amazing job Jessica, and thanks for making such a cool thing!


  1. I am very lucky! Thanks again Jessica.

  2. I just joined the craft it forward movement. I can't wait to get my handmade gift and I can't wait to give 5 gifts to other people. You can sign up to receive something from me on my blog. Very cool blog by the way. And I'm definitely jealous of your gift.

  3. MME - Thanks for the comment and thanks for Crafting it Forward!