Crafty Pay it Forward #3 - Joli to Joel

This fish traveled all the way from the Netherlands to Alabama. One of Joel's tidbits of info was that he owns a carnival goldfish named Aubie who has experienced unprecedented longevity. Joli painted this super cool mixed media portrait without the aid of a photo. How's the likeness, Joel?


Joel sent this great pic of the real Aubie next to Joli's painting. Awesome!


  1. The likeness is nearly spot on. Aubie even has blue marbles in the bottom on his bowl.

    I really love this piece. I am going to keep it posted where I work for inspiration. Thanks Joli so much. And thanks Paul for hosting the Crafty Pay It Forward.

  2. Joel - Wow. Really cool man! It's amazing how spot on these gifts are turning out to be. Thanks for the comment, as usual. Cheers.