DIY Men's Shirt

Urban Threads has a cool new tutorial up on how to make an embellished men's shirt. Unfortunately, unless you have an embroidery machine, the stitching section of the instructions will be out of bounds. However, the section on stenciling with bleach using freezer paper is something anyone can do for just a couple of bucks. link via @CraftGossip on Twitter


  1. So because I saw this post about the embroidery, I agreed to sit through a demo of a home embroidery machine at Jo Ann Fabrics.

    The machines start at $1500 and go up to $9500 for the top of the line one that features a touch screen interface.

    Time to get me a paper route.

  2. Yeah, those things can be spendy. Good thing bleach and a spray bottle and some freezer paper can be had for under $10.