Extreme Sheep Herding

Okay. So, this is for a brand, but it's really great. The "pong" scene alone is worth the price of admission. via Wooster Collective


  1. My boyfriend says it's sheep abuse, but I say it's absolute hilarity. I agree about the "pong" scene also.


  2. Well, of all the sheep polled after the filming, 98% said they enjoyed having LEDs strapped to them and that the feeling of being a ping pong ball was immensely "freeing".

  3. Oh, that was hysterical! I loved the Mona Lisa scene!:O And it's most ceritanly not animal abuse-my horse and I dress up for halloween every year and I once put a hat on her and tons of ribbons and glitter (Lady Lou, as her middle name is Lou:P) and she loved it. Not all animals are as tolerant, but its still not abuse.