Ikea Computer

Most computers are ugly. I'm quite happy to use technology, but I am entirely less enthusiastic about seeing it in my house. So, when I ran into Arrone's IKEA case mod over at lifehacker, I was pleased that at least one person was concerning themselves with form as well as function. This from the site:

"Using the stainless steel "Emu" box from IKEA ($7 for a set), Instructable user aarone created an impressive, headless Network Attached Storage system that looks more like decoration than hardware."
Now, if I can just figure out how to fit a server into an old Smith-Corona typewriter, I'll be all set. link

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  1. Or you can just get a Mac mini to use as a server!

    Or get an old Mac mini off of ebay to use as a case mod if you're foolish enough to be using Windoze/PC hardware.