Knitting in the Moment

On my best day, my knitting skills are what actual knitters would kindly refer to as, rudimentary. However, in knitting I have found an activity that I love doing and, simultaneously, don't care that much about. That's not to say that I don't try to take care in producing the piece I'm working on, I just don't stress about it being perfect. My knitting is kind of like a child's drawing of what actual knitting is supposed to look like and, honestly, I kind of dig that. Not that I don't want to be a better knitter, I do. It's just that I'm enjoying the journey without giving much thought to the destination. Perhaps, if you were to pick up some sticks, it might have the same effect on you.


  1. Dude, that scarf is better than most of the stuff I've seen the guy in my (old) knitting groups produced, and truth to tell, better than what most of the gals were producing.

    At least you've taken on more than basic knit / purl patterns.

    BTW, who's your handsome furry bud?

  2. Thanks Malckie! It is all basic knit/purl patterns though. I just did so much randomness, it may look fancier than it is. Oh, and that's Django in the photo. He's a good boy.

  3. As with most things crafty and creative, I say do what you like and you can't go wrong. If you *want* to improve your knitting skills by adding new techniques to your bag of tricks, then go for it! But if you're content doing what you're doing, then who's to say you "need" to do more?

    The scarf looks great, and it's handmade. It doesn't get better than that!

  4. I think the scarf looks great! I find knitting to be incredibly relaxing and satisfying for me. Even if there are mistakes in it, I can't help but think that those little goofs just add character.

    (Cute doggie!!)

  5. Hey Mr O, I was wondering if you ever knit in public?

    If you have, what kinda reactions have you gotten from people?

  6. Malckie - Sure, I knit in public all the time. It's the South, so I get all kinds of reactions. They range from mild curiosity to giggles. I am, however, a tall man with tattoos, so nobody has ever made fun of me to my face.