Ridiculously Cool Money Craft

Artist Scott Campbell cuts designs into stacks of money. This is my favorite link all day! Check out the detail in these suckers. Amazing. I'd need 100 brand new x-acto blades and a prescription for Adirol just to attempt something like this. link. via cool tweets


  1. If you need a translation of the Portuguese:
    "Scott Campbell of Brooklin, NY, always presents incredible and pleasant tattoo, here he demonstrates his abilities to manipulate money, mainly dollar bills."

    Scott's tattoo & art site:

    His work goes for $2500-$3500 and appear to be produced in editions of 10. The notes are laser cut. More info here:

  2. Thanks Malckie. Bummer that they are laser cut. That's what I get for not learning Portuguese.:-)

  3. I don't mind that they are laser cut, use the tech when it comes in handy I say.

    What is interesting is that he has to draw each layer slightly wider that the last to get "accurate depth of feel".

    This is from the art auction link:
    Each stack of bills (i.e. Edition 3 of Praying Hands) constitutes roughly 50 drawings. In order to get accurate depth of feel, the artist has to draw each sketch wider and wider as the bills are stacked. Each bill is individually laser cut then applied together to complete the work.