Sewer Sewist

If you haven't tripped over to Josh and Sarah's blog that chronicles their love for sewing, their Australian Shepard, and Sarah's rabid passion for the Portland Trail Blazers, you should do so now. From the site:

"Sewer-Sewist is authored by Gen-X husband and wife Josh (Sewer) and Sarah (Sewist), and chronicles our adventures in sewing and musings on all things sewing and crafting related—and sometimes slightly unrelated.

We started this blog around the same time that Josh started learning how to sew… Amazingly, people really didn’t believe that Josh, being a guy, was actually using a sewing machine and creating his own handcrafted items. So, Sewer-Sewist became a reality."


  1. Ahhhh... Thanks! By the way--it's "Trail Blazers," two words. We're hard core that way--the Trail Blazers can't be contained by a single word... ;)

    We love your site, too!

  2. Sarah,
    All corrected! Thanks for posting.

  3. It was all in good fun... You didn't actually have to correct it! But I'm thinking I should have photoshopped my farmers' tan in that photo. Yowzers!


  4. Sarah - Ha. I thought it was just a shadow.