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Oh yes, we like them. Ever since I was a kid, watching Creature Features in the Bay Area, I have been digging the skull thing. I have a skull tattoo, I painted the 8 foot by 12 foot skull (below), I have skull ornaments that I made for my Christmas tree. It's not hard to convince me to like something having to do with skulls. So, when I discovered the skull-a-day blog awhile back, I was immediately hooked. The creator, Noah Scalin, set out to and succeeded in making a skull a day for a year, finishing his 365th skull in June of 2008. Now, in it's second year, the blog is featuring submissions from it's readers. Really inventive stuff over there. Noah also has a book out called, not suprisingly, Skulls, that chronicles his year-long cranial odyssey. link

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