Wall Candy for Your Man Cave

Not so long ago, I wrote a lengthy post, bashing the aesthetic state of the typical man cave. This is not an apology. What I said then still holds true now. Your room looks bad, all of you. It was, however, a little unfair to demand that the fellas bring their decorating "A" game to their rooms and then not give them any concrete advice on the subject. In said post, I devoted a few sentences to what should not be on the walls of a man cave (NASCAR, light up Bud signs, bikini models), you know, dorm room stuff. Well, tonight I found a site full of stuff that could find a home on the wall of your man cave and look damn cool and manly to boot...Poster Museum. They've got a bunch of different subjects and the best thing is that these are originals, not reprints. You are pretty much guaranteed to be the only guy on your block with one of these. AND, they really aren't that expensive in the whole scheme of things. Check it out. link


  1. Is it still a man cave if you have a crafting corner in it?

  2. Yea $1,800 for a poster is a steal...

    ...I'm getting two Budweiser signs now!