Airstream, Youstream we all...

My friend Barry, who is part lunatic and all genius, told me of a dream he had once to make a cabin court consisting of Airstream trailers and stick it in the woods of rural Virginia. Little did he know at the time that the Grand Daddy hotel in Cape Town, South Africa had a plan of their own. Mad as he may be, I don't know if Barry would have thought of airlifting these U.S. road relics to the top of a swanky hotel and using them as penthouse suites. Adding to the cool factor is the fact that local artists were commissioned to decorate the interior of each trailer. Pretty nifty. link via ackackack


  1. I want an Airstream to use as a studio space so badly! I love them.

  2. Airstream trailers are one of those perfect products - flawless form and function. So beautiful.

  3. Tim - Agreed. By far, one of the coolest products on the planet.