Bag O' Trix #3 - Guest Blogger Trixie Brown

From my perspective it seems lately there has been a real explosion of crazy mad-scientist action in the world. More and more in my glide through the internets,* I'm finding the most fantastical, sci-fi worthy materials being developed. All I can think of is the eventual pairing of this brilliance with the equally smart designer/craftworld and all the potential for very cool stuff on the horizon.

*(a term coined by our scholarly 43rd pres)

Part of the original prototype work

Let's start off this show with the mesmerizing light transmitting concrete invented by Hungarian architect, Aron Losonczi by imbedding fiberoptics in cast concrete. Just think what small bit of sunshine this could have been to those forced to live in the drab East German tenement architecture back in those coldwar days!


In a similar vein, is this other-worldly transparent aluminum made as an alloy with gems like rubies and sapphires. Wow, space-age marvel come to life! Somehow I couldn't rationalize the cost of Pepsi if it's can were made out this but then again, how really cool would that be, right?

Translucent Stone Veneers

Of course, the Germans aren't gonna let anyone upstage them on the brainiac front, so enter the translucent stone veneers. With insanely ultra-thin slicing maneuvers, these uber-engineers have created bendable stone sheets that can wrap, well, you tell me? Maybe a Flintstone themed stone interior of your vintage VW bug? ...possibilities are endless.

LED-Embedded Light Films

After last week's rant, you probably suspected I would sneak at least one LED gizmo in the mix. I really can't help it cause LED's are like candy at a Coney Island sideshow in my little world. Enter the Swiss, with a flexible polymer film embedded with LED lights that needs no internal wiring cause, get this... the film itself is doing the job! The best part of this innovation is that it's already on the market. So, what are you waiting for? This is like an insta-party, no?


Thinking that might all be too techy for you, here's your earth-friendly antidote to formica and it's evil plastic brethren. PaperStone is made from 100% post-consumer paper and a non-petroleum resin derived from the humble and delightful cashew. This truly is guilt-free fabrication at it's best.


Lastly and on a final note, this was just too weird to leave out of the competition... Furore, the synthetic fur of the future! Created on the principle of expanded metal, this rayon blend fluff gives me strange hints of Barbarella-esque bondage scenarios. Yikes! but that's one rabbit hole I'm not about to travel down right now.

To those with a healthier psyche than yours truly, it looks like the honorable gauntlet of design competition has been duly thrown down. It's time for the art world to take some of this innovation to the streets.

Reference Note: Just want to add a recommendation for a book I found on my research travels - Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine Our Physical Environment by Blaine Brownell. It's been a treasure trove of inspiration!


  1. OMG! Transparent aluminum?!?!

    Scottie did come back from the 23rd century on a Klingon Bird of Prey and changed the timeline!

  2. Yeah, cool. Trixie's posts get better and better, don't they. Awesome stuff!