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So, what's new in the Bag O' Trix this week...
Well, looks like I've really gone off on a tangent. It started out quite innocently with some research into LED's for a lighting project when I came across the first mention of the LED throwie.

Candy-colored LED's + rare earth magnets + electrotape + battery... I'm hooked!!
It was love at first sight you might say. How can this not be mesmerizing? ...and to think that there have been throwie gatherings all over the world. Clearly, I was missing out on some serious prankster art-games here.

On my obsessive, downward spiral into the mash-up of craft and tech, there's quite a few fun DIY electronicals:

Imagine a whole house full of these ElectroPUFF lamp dimmers. More fluffy fun than a barrel of monkeys, no? Better yet, the folks at Intl Fashion Machines are making this kit with recycled carpet fibers. Kudos for trying to keep it green!

OK this is not a real DIY, but these Japanese felt doll iPod speakers are cute enough to make your teeth hurt just the same. via craftzine

And how bout this super smart bike jacket design incorporating the lilypad component?

Riding your bike here on the streets of Bklyn can be as frantic as a tin duck in a shooting gallery. Now if I could only figure out how to make it flash: "Yeah? ...and same to you, buddy!!"

This next stage is reserved for the uber-madscientists that create the mind-stretchingly cool stuff that I just can't peel my eyes from. Just sit back and enjoy the show!

The Graffiti Research Lab, a tech-savvy group founded by Evan Roth and James Powderly are instigating graffiti happenings pretty much anywhere they can find a flat surface. By hooking up a camera that tracks handheld laser motions and relays it to a projector, it's super-sized tagging without the aerosole mess. They're also the masterminds behind the beloved throwies.

If all this tech is starting to get over your head, well, hold on cause here's the kicker...

Over at MIT and Fluid Interfaces, they're busting out the future of wearable tech with SixthSense. The prototype might still look really geeky but this gizmo can interface with the world in full Minority Report fashion. I say, move over iphone, this carnie ride just got a little wilder! To get the full impact of this revolution, check out the groundbreaking video demo here at TEDtalks.

The future is obviously now. Next stop, Spacely Sprockets!!

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  1. The LED throwies are just a fun little item, but I am blown away by the Sixth Sense item. So much potential.