Bicycles on the Brain

After almost eight months of bikelessness, I am once again mobile, in a two-wheeled, self-propelled fashion. Thanks to my excellent and talented friend and bandmate, Chris, I am the proud owner of a 1960s Armstrong fixed gear conversion, and it's awesome! (pics later today). The combination of great weather and the natural high of having a new bike has me really excited (read that, obsessed) about bicycling again. In that vein, I've found some tasty and interesting bike links this morning for all of you fans of the two-wheeled lifestyle. Even if youu're not a big bike fan, you can't help but dig the craftsmanship and lunacy that goes into some of this stuff. Enjoy.

First up, Renovo. A company that brings together my love of sexy wood and sexy bicycles into one, er, sexy package. They're not cheap, but, my goodness, they are beautiful. From Bubinga to Bamboo, Renovo has a wooden bike for you. link

And while we're on the subject of non-traditional materials, I also came across this architect designed, plywood bike that costs less than $35 to produce. Not sure how I feel about this one. The company's copy refers to the bike as disposable at one point (boo). Looks kind of cool though. I'd like to ride one.

Lastly, we have bikerodnkustom. Warning: This is one of those nut job sites where bike geeks make crazy stuff and congratulate each other about it. But, being a bike geek, I really like it, and there is some truly crazy and inventive stuff over there. link

Get on your bikes and ride!


  1. This is not new but have you seen the bicycles made of bamboo? There's even an instructable to make your own.

  2. Yes! Cool. Thanks for re-introducing me to the link. I had forgotten about these. Cheers.