DIY Viking Workshop

Those of you who have read this post, know that I am in a time-traveling Viking Rock Band called High Master (you can find the plot synopsis in the comments of that post). Yesterday, with the generous help of our wonderful friends at the Scrap Exchange, we hosted a Make-Your-Own-Viking-Gear workshop in anticipation of our upcoming show next Saturday. The fake fur and the fake leather flew, and when the dust settled, over twenty people had made some pretty outrageous Viking Swag, including Violet (pictured above), who is now the captain of my dark army. Her self-styled weapon that she is holding, by the way, is called the Black Tooth of Death. Cute.


  1. Dude, she still won't stop hitting me with it -- I think she's going to have to become Violet Overton soon......

  2. Ah the joys of pvc foam weaponry! too cute in the viking hat!

  3. OOOo! Will there be mead?