Guest Blogger Trixie Brown

I started following Brooklyn based Trixie Brown on Twitter awhile back and quickly found myself clicking on, and digging, every link she would post. We share many of the same interests and I thought the time was ripe for a little guest blogging on her part. For the next month, Trixie will be doing a weekly round-up of coolness called: Bag o' Trix. I'm sure, dear readers, that you will dig, as I have dug, everything Trixie has to offer. Here's a short bio, so you know where she's comin'from:

"Just a regular urban gal piecing together a life of cheap fleas, loud music, good bourbon, streetside castoffs and sewing it all back up on my trusty old Singer."

So, without further ado, here's Trix:

When asked by our friend at Dudecraft to do a little guest blogging spot on some my favorite links, I jumped on the idea of roping up a collection of all the extreme upcycling I'm seeing these days. How can you not get excited by all those super-smart innovative people out there that create incredible objects out of our collective garbage?

On the artsy front I'm looking at the likes of the Obama propaganda fashionista, Nancy Judd. OK, I don't know if she's getting invited to any galas in these outfits but she certainly shines a light on all the junk that's produced to elect even the greenest of candidates. That second ensemble is made from punched "lace" voter registration cards, the infamous hanging chad.

Dovetail, shmovetail... just mash up all the different furniture styles you can find and it'll be beautiful. Thomas Wold shows you the step-by-step of this baby on his site. Worth a gander!

Now we come to the hardcore upcyclers. These are the craftists that bring garbage back to raw materials from whence they came and starting the cycle all over again. Here's where it gets really inspiring.

Alexandra Guerrero, a Chilean designer is cleaning beaches of cigarette butts and spinning the filters into yarn to make these whimsical crochet fashions. This takes the prize for the best transformation from nasty to glam, totally unrecognizable as the discards in Uncle Walt's ashtray!

And in the Netherlands, they're spinning newspapers into yarn. Every weekend we could be knitting away a new rug from our Sunday Times.

Or if we went the way of the Belgians, our consumption of news media would leave us with an endless supply of flexible honeycombed seating. Thanks to the innovative designer, Charles Kaisin.

Of course, I was just building up to the big boxstore of upcycling, Terracycle.

Starting off in his dorm room,Tom Szaky, has figured out how to collect tons and tons of the garbage to create all kinds of what-not from fertilizers to bags to umbrellas and, get this, sell it back, ironically, to some of the big garbage producers like Walmart. One of the best parts is he's incorporated a fundraising aspect to his garbage collection by enlisting schools to sell him their yogurt, cookie, juice, and chip packaging waste. Keeping it clean and profitable.

Here's a spotlight on Terracycle by Natl Geographic called Garbage Moguls airing April 22nd. Although this green crusader starts coming off a little like the dreaded corporate exec at points, still the concept gets kudos for it superhuman effort.

Finally, in the category of my most conflicted but really kinda brilliant upcycling concept is the DIY urine to fertilizer kit by Submersible Design.

Now, I so get on my soapbox from time to time about doing our part for the environment but could I really um, you know... in a fishbowl and then delight in this lovely savory salad? Well, I'll let you decide what to make of this. All I know is I'll never look at my friend, the spritely watercress quite the same again.


  1. My fav is the crochet ciggie vest! Too bad all my friends quit smoking! Hey Trix you are one resourcefully cool cat - keep it coming.