Ladder Day Saints

It's true. Through my entire early childhood I was jealous of the Mormons for having a holiday involving ladders. I imagined Saints going around with their own A-frames and extension ladders, doing good deeds like freeing kites from trees and rescuing wayward cats. The truth was not so cool. Luckily, the experience didn't dampen my enthusiasm for ladders themselves, and only served to ignite my passion to make every day, ladder day. Grace, over at Poetic Home, who always has fresh and inspiring things to say, has also jumped on the ladder-fan bandwagon with this recent post. Happy Ladder Day, Saints! link


  1. Ladder Day Saints? Your story was quite amusing Paul! It's like the literary reference to "undertoad" instead of "undertow" :)

    Thank you for the kind words. Happy Ladder Day Saints to you too!

  2. Under Toad! I like it. Sounds like a superhero.