Papergirl - Free Rolled Art Distribution

Super cool art project in Berlin where rolled artworks are distributed, "paperboy style" from bikes. This from the site:

"Papergirl is an artproject, which in the style of american paperboys distributes rolled art pieces by bicycle in the streets to random passers-by. This happens once a year, when it´s summer in Berlin! All given work is exhibited in a big show before the distribution.

Papergirl is distributed like a newspaper, but not edited or printed like one. It consists of art pieces which are rolled up together. Contributions are handed in by mail or personally and are later included in the art rolls. There are no guidelines as to format, subject matter or quantity, so originals, prints, photos, copies, texts etc. come together. Each roll contains 10-15 different works, meaning that each one of them is unique!"

Sounds like fun! Let's do this here!


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