Rubber Moldmaking

Moldmaking and casting can seem extremely daunting at first and, indeed, there is an art to it and it does take a certain level of patience. That said, it's not the hardest thing in the world either and these instructions from Things to Make and Do are an excellent intro to one piece moldmaking. link


  1. Excellent find, Paul! I'm working on a little sculpting/casting project right now, and the other tutorials on the site you linked to (on sculpting miniature faces) are inspiring!

    I'm keeping a little blog of links and tips I'm finding in my research on the sculpting/casting field. It's not a fancy blog or anything, really just meant as a repository of information for my own personal use, but thought you (and other readers) might benefit from it as well. Here's the address:
    Right Hand Red.

  2. Thanks for the link... i haven't got around to trying mold making yet. I did find this really cool instructable for making a homemade injection mold that's also on my list to do..


  3. Thnaks for the comments guys. Glad you liked the link. Man, Moldmaking sure has changed a lot since I was in college!