Aaron's Adding Machines

Andy Aaron thought of manufacturing these beautiful behemoths when he found a display of modern calculators next to a bunch of old, rusty aircraft switches one day. Painstakingly mapping the wiring of the calculator, Andy then set about recreating it in glorious wood, glass, and copper wire. He now makes about three of these a year. This from his site:

"The assumption behind modern electronics is that smaller is better. So I have set about completely re-thinking and re-building the electronic calculator using old-fashioned heavyweight switches, cranks, and levers mounted in antique chassis.
I turn out only a few Aaron Adding Machines a year. Every Aaron Adding Machine works perfectly and each is unique. I strive to have my pieces look like they are functional, utilitarian, mass-produced devices plucked from some imaginary office of another era. Perhaps the 19th century, perhaps a time that never existed."

Via Dark Roasted Blend

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