Aprons and Hammers

One of the greatest things about doing a blog is that you get introduced to some very talented, very cool people from all over our little blue planet that you would have never connected with otherwise. One of these unlikely bonds being forged is between Dude Craft and a group of highly skilled Aussie craftswomen. Through Pip Lincolne , a crafter, mom, author, organizer, and a great friend to Dude Craft since it's inception, I have connected with literally dozens of crafty folks from Down Under. Thanks, Pip!

Most recently, I got an email from Emma Greenwood, who's son Leo is a big fan of all the robot-related posts on DudeCraft, letting me know about her blog called Aprons and Hammers, where she details the progress of her current projects. Most impressive is her shoe making prowess. I confess, cobbling is one of those things that seems like a totally alchemic process to me. It seems both difficult and fraught with danger, which makes looking at Emma's projects even more fascinating. You can check out her blog here and her shop here.

Thanks for all the love and links, Australia. Keep up the good work.


  1. Can you believe those handmade shoes?

  2. Astounding, right? Just beautiful work.