Beautiful Driftwood Horses

There are economical blog posts and then there are posts that just don't offer any information whatsoever. I found these pics over at The only sentence in the post is this one: "These women make horse sculptures from driftwood." Yep. I guess that about covers it. See the whole gallery here. Update: Thanks to Brian for doing a little Googling for me! Heather Jansch is the artist in question. All her works can be found here.


  1. Google's yer best bud:

  2. We have some of those sculptures at the Portland airport... but I just googled (my best friend!) and discovered they are by Deborah Butterfield, who also makes horse sculptures. Check out the metal horse on this page

    And here are a few other ones.

    Basically, best use of driftwood ever.

  3. I've saw one in Eden Project,Cornish.Beautiful!