Last Night in the Studio: Walletastrophe!

I should know better, but I was forced to relearn a painful lesson last night. If I come to the studio in an agitated state, I should probably work on something that doesn't require much patience, like sketching out ideas or making lists. Whatever it is, it should not be sewing. Not only was I determined to sew last night, but I chose to sew small things (blurgh) and to top it all off, I was also hungry and tired. Lesson more than learned.


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  2. Aww c'mon, those don't exactly qualify as a CraftFail! :) But I know what you mean. Try painting when you're agitated - it translates well!

  3. I sewed through my finger the other day when I was rushed and irritable--I mean really through my finger! Those are good ideas to do something more peaceful.

  4. I sewed right thru my finger a few days ago, had made up a new pattern for doll jeans & got carried away making loads o them...anyways had to go to A&E to get it removed! Am on antibiotics & hope it is ok. Lesson learned...the needle had bent to the left (only noticed this afterwards!) thru prob my fault as didnt change it when sewing denim, & had been sewing all day long, so lesson 2, don't sew for that long & when tired!!
    Will I ever sew again? I hope sew! (sorry) Machine is onlya couple of months old. Be a waste not to use it again! I will change needles per fabric from now on :)

    Your wallets are really fab :)