New Fixie Shot with New Camera

It's been a banner week for DudeCraft! First I finished building a new bike, with which I'm totally enamored, and then I get a new camera to take pictures of it with! Psyched!

First of all, the bike (Warning! Bike nerd information to follow). It's a 1960s Armstrong (English) three-speed frame and fork with a Mavic wheelset, pake cranks, chopped and flopped bullhorns,a Chris King threaded headset and a Phil Wood bottom bracket. No name seat post and stem (end bike nerdery). The build was super easy because I didn't really have to build much. Between the guys over at the bicycle chain and my good buddy Chris, I was riding in less than a day, and guys, the ride is awesome! Thanks.

Now for the camera. Holy Bejujubees! This thing is crazy. The UPS man dropped it off at 10am this morning, I slapped an 85mm/1.8 lens on it, read some junk in the instruction manual, and I was shooting twenty minutes later. I think the shots are turning out well so far. I've definitely got a lot to learn but the Nikon D90 certainly inspires confidence, so this should be fun.


  1. i should finally take this as inspiration to start that bike i keep saying i'ma build. nice work, and nice pic layout!

  2. Thanks, man. And, yeah, build that bike! You're gonna love the fixed gear thing!