Send in Your Den

Rachael from the ArtYarn blog sent me notice of an intriguing show that's going to be happening this Summer and info on how you can take part. Sounds fun! This from the site:

About the exhibition
During the summer, visitors to the gallery will be greeted by Jan Niedojadlo’s hand-on sculptures. Visitors will be encouraged to enter the large-scale sculptures and experience the sights, sounds and smells within. These tactile sculptures are made from a variety of recycled materials including foam, rubber and carpet, and include lighting, sound, texture and smell.

How you can take part...
To complement this exhibition, we are inviting you to upload photographs of your dens to our special Art Factory Dens Flickr pool.

Do you have a den – a special place that you can go to play with your friends, listen to music or be by yourself? It could be in a tree, in your bedroom, in your garden or a nearby park. It could be a tent, a pile of blankets and pegs, a jumble of cardboard boxes and wood. Whatever it looks like, we’re inviting you to photograph it and add it to our Flickr pool. Grown ups – if you have old photographs of dens that you used to play in then you can add these too.

How to add your photograph...

1. Take a photograph of your den
2. Join Flickr !
You will need to be a member of Flickr to upload your photograph. Once you are a member of Flickr you can upload your photographs through your browser or by email. Basic membership is free and it’s easy to join. For more information see:
3. Join the Art Factory Dens group and add your photograph.
Once you are a member of Flickr you can add your photograph to the Art Factory Dens group. To join the group, sign in to your Flickr account, then go to:, and click on “Join this group” on the right hand side of the page. Once you have joined the group you can add your photograph. When you add your photograph don’t forget to include the name of the village/town/city where the photograph was taken.

A selection of photographs from the Art Factory Dens Flickr pool will be printed off and displayed in the Turnpike Gallery during the exhibition.

More information here.

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