Shop Class as Soul Craft

Matthew B. Crawford, who wrote the excellent NYT piece that I featured here a few days ago has a book coming out today called: Shop Class as Soul Craft. If you read the NYT article, you know the book is bound to be great. Here's an excerpt from the jacket:

"Shop Class as Soulcraft brings alive an experience that was once quite common, but now seems to be receding from society: making and fixing things. Those of us who sit in an office often feel a lack of connection to the material world, a sense of loss, and find it difficult to say exactly what we do all day. For anyone who felt hustled off to college, then to the cubicle, against their own inclinations and natural bents, Shop Class as Soulcraft seeks to restore the honor of the manual trades as a life worth choosing."

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  1. Heard Matthew speak in DC at "Politics and Prose" Amen brother. As a public school art teacher, I've always been afraid that the "No Child Left Behind" concept was going to leave a lot of kids behind and leave us with a short supply of trained mechanics and plumbers