Strich and Faden

Paulus from Kunstraum Richard Sorge in Berlin wrote me yesterday about an international art and craft exhibition that is coming soon. Sounds really interesting, but be warned: some pics in the Flickr pool are NSFW. This from the site:

"In 2008, Kunstraum Richard Sorge initiated an ongoing series of large international subversive Arts & Crafts and Neotrad exhibitions, the second of which will take place this May. Titled Strich & Faden, the exhibition project offers subversive travesties of craft and folklore and works that thematize Heimat (heritage), gender & identity in innovative or humorous ways.

The folksy German expression "nach Strich und Faden" means to do something thoroughly, with great artistry and precision, or according to the rules of an art or craft. In contemporary language the term has gained connotations of trickery, deceit and travesty. Travesty is a device present in many works in this show, either as an artistic attitude, or as a subject matter. The participating artists use it to subvert both the traditions of Art & Crafts and our expectations of art.

This new edition of Strich und Faden presents outstanding representatives of the thriving US-american confrontational Arts & Crafts scene - some of which are shown in Germany (or Europe) for the first time - and presents them alongside their (Eastern) European colleagues. Strich und Faden II goes beyond ironic crafting however, also incorporating conceptual and neo-traditional works."


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