Wooden Car from Ukraine

Yeah, this thing is obviously a labor of love. This from the site:

"This is an unusual looking creation with its origins in the Ukraine. A Ukrainian designer by the name of Vasily Lazarenko spent 1.5 years of his life, gave up his job and cannibalized two other cars to make his dream a reality. It is not your usual wooden car, it is a blend of classic and modern styling and has a cute convertible / coupe hybrid thing going on. It looks like an enormous amount of beautiful oak and lacquer to be driving around with and is sure to draw a few stares (for the right reasons we hope). In case you are wondering, Lazarenko has considered selling this work of art, lets hope it is bought by someone who can truly appreciate it."
You gotta love an idealist with an idea. link via Uber Review with a special thanks to Pip!

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