XS House

Rice students and faculty have been hard at work designing the XS house, a 500 square foot, shotgun style dwelling that will provide much needed affordable housing in the Houston area. Looks pretty great. Projected cost: $25,000. This from the site:

"An adjustable footing/foundation system lifts the building off the ground (like its neighbors on concrete block footings) and if needed, may be adjusted for Houston's expansive soils. Hardiplank walls and metal windows are used instead of wood to reduce future maintenance. The core of the house is wrapped in polygal (which distributes light from the center of the house) and its placement divides the building envelope into "large" and "small" rooms that may be furnished in a variety of ways. All storage and services are collected in the thickened west wall and porches offer places for gathering, extending the interior living areas."


  1. I love design like this, simple, efficient and affordable. It reminds me of the Katrina Houses from Lowes -

  2. Tim - Yeah. I like how much thought went into storage and light dispersion in the XS house. Looks like a nice place to hang out.