Going to a Go-Go

I don't leave town much these days, which is sort of incredible considering how much I used to. The expense of travel coupled with the fact that I just love Durham, keeps me close to home. Once a year, however, there's an event that I would just never miss: Ashokan Music and Dance Camp. We've been teaching there for years and it's an absolute blast. This time, we're leaving a bit early to visit relatives as well. Point being, I will be gone until the sixth, but never fear! I have front loaded tasty links for your perusal that will show up each morning, so keep checking in! I will probably have sketchy access to anything resembling internet connectivity while I'm gone so I won't be nearly as prompt in answering comments and emails, but please, keep sending them! I promise I'll get to each and every one as access allows. Have a great week!


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