Golden Age Comic Book Stories

Those of you who have been reading along for awhile, know that I love me some good illustration. I used to stare at Heavy Metal magazine on the newsstand when I was a kid, wishing that I was old enough to buy it and look at all the drawings. When I got older and could buy it, I spent hours trying to copy the illustrations inside. And so it went...I developed a serious love for pulp illustrations, comics, pinups, album covers, etc. I just love to look at drawings. Period. So when I found the Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog, I knew I had found a new favorite place to indulge my addiction. Check it out. link

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  1. Wow, thanks for the link- I feel the same way about the comics and illustration. It's cool that you posted this- I bought a Golden Age Comic Giude recently and made wall art with some images. Very good web site, thanks again for sharing it!